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RDU Marfan Community Group Fundraiser

Many of you know that Jim’s wife and Music Loft partner Katharine has Marfan Syndrome. The local Marfan Community Group she and Jim started together, is holding a fundraiser with the Jaycees selling vouchers to a Durham Bulls Game. If you enjoy going to those games, please consider buying a voucher through this link Through May 22nd  Thanks so much!

May Pedal of the Month

This effects pedal is so unique it is actually difficult to describe, so we will just quote Manny of EHX “The Blurst! Is a modulating filter, an effect used in synthesizers. It modulates your guitar or basses sound like an envelop filter but instead of controlling the filter’s response with your playing dynamics, it is controlled by an internal oscillator like a phaser or tremolo.” Intense right? Check out the demo video and then come in and try it for yourself. Get it for such a low price we can’t advertise it! While supplies last.