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A Day Without Women

For International Women’s Day we wanted to recognize Carol Kaye. Her contributions to modern music are hard to overstate. Like many women, she worked behind the scenes therefore not as well known as she deserves to be. Called “The First Lady of Bass” she is also accomplished on the guitar. As a session musician, she created or contributed to the bass lines for songs like “Good Vibrations”, “Help Me Rhonda”, “The Beat Goes On”, “These Boots are Made For Walking”, “Mission Impossible” and that is only a small portion of her work. As they say, “You may not have heard of her but you have certainly heard her bass lines”. Music would not been as rich with out her in the picture. #ADayWithoutWomen

Re-Route to Rock Out!

#CarrboroRocks and everybody knows it!  All are Welcome, so we have to make more room.  That means construction and sometimes road closures.  Greensboro Road between 15-501 and Main Street will be closed for 60 days starting Monday 3/6/2017. So just take the Jones Ferry Rd exit from the 15-501 to get to our smiling faces.  It’s only for 60 days and you will get to see that new mural we all love!

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