Guitar Repairs


Deluxe Setup: Head to toe cleaning of instrument, fingerboard conditioning, fret polish, tighten hardware, adjust truss rod, tap down high frets, freezing/gluing up to 2 frets, set action and intonation, inspect nut slots and saddle radius, clean electronics. All setups are done with new strings.

Brian McGee at the bench

Deluxe Setup: $50 + strings

-Floyd Rose & 12 string: $60 + strings

Restring (Guitar, bass, & banjo): $20 + strings

-This price is for restringing w/same gauge strings. If you want a different string gauge, the service moves to a setup.

Restring (Classical, 12 string & mandolin): $25 + strings

Bone Nut-$100 + bone & strings:

The bone nut service also includes the deluxe setup. An instrument cannot have a new nut made and installed without a complete adjustment (setup) of the instrument. New nuts are custom made from cattle bone blanks for each instrument. Every nut is sanded and polished to a high gloss and glued into newly cleaned nut slot.

Bone Saddle-$115 + bone & strings:

The bone saddle service also includes the deluxe setup. This service is primarily for acoustic guitars and basses. New saddles are custom made from cattle bone blanks for each instrument. Acoustic guitar saddles are made with a “B-bump” for better intonation of the B string. Every saddle is sanded and polished to a high gloss.

Bone nut and saddle package-$130 + bone & strings:

This package deal includes a discounted deluxe setup.

Fret Dress-$125 + strings:

A fret dress involves tapping down all high frets, freezing/gluing frets back into slots, straightening neck, level-crown-polish frets, and deluxe setup.

Freezing/Gluing Fret Ends-$5/fret:

During setups there are often high frets sitting outside of the fret slots. This mostly happens when a fingerboard dries out and the fret slots let go of frets that may not have been glued into the fingerboard during manufacturing. A deluxe setup includes gluing down 2 frets as part of that service. Extra fees apply when there are more than 2 frets that need to be glued down and the setup service takes longer.

Fret end filing-$25:

When instrument neck dry out/contract over time, the fret ends stick out on either side of the fingerboard. This makes for an uncomfortable instrument to play as your hand rubs along sharp fret ends. This service files the ends flush to the fingerboard and rounds the ends so there is no sharpness.

Re-fret-$250 & up, add $50 for fingerboard w/binding:

A re-fret service includes leveling the fingerboard, cleaning fret slots, re-fretting with desired fret size, level-crown-polish frets. A new bone nut and saddle may be necessary in some cases due to new fret height. Includes deluxe setup.

Bridge reglue-$100 + deluxe setup ($50) + strings:

A bridge reglue is an intensive job that entails scraping old glue, removing finish from guitar so entire bridge can be glued to guitar, boring out the bridge pin holes and general clean up. A deluxe setup must be done with this service and depending on the condition of the saddle, a new bone saddle service may be needed.

Peghead repair:

There are three levels of peghead repair. And what level is needed to repair the guitar is depending on how bad the break is and how much wood is lost. Every level will involve removing all the hardware from peghead. Each level will also need a deluxe setup ($50).

  1. Glue peghead back into place-$100
  2. Back strap-$250: This includes gluing peghead into place. Removing an 1/8” of wood from back of peghead and onto neck. Steam bending a solid piece of wood to be glued onto peghead. Shaping-sanding-driling tuning key holes, and light finishing.
  3. Splines-$400: This includes the above repairs along with milling out room for two solid wood splines from the peghead into the neck.

Loose brace repair-$40/brace:

Braces inside acoustic guitars become loose when the guitar suffers from lack of humidity and/or a guitar being dropped. Braces are cleaned, sanded and glued with Titebond wood glue and allowed to sit for 24 hours under clamp pressure.

Crack repair-$40 and up:

Includes glue and cleat (for acoustics-small patch of wood inside guitar to reinforce repair). Repairs are often not visible, but finish should be level. Touching up with appropriate finish is extra.

Neck reset-$350 and up:

Includes removal of neck, re-cut of heel/body angle to correct high action. A new bone nut is often necessary and with acoustics a new saddle is usually needed. Additional fret work and bridge work may also be necessary. Includes setup.

Tuning key replacement-$30:

Simple as it seems, sometimes they can be nuanced and quite involved.


Diagnose electrical problem-$25:

A minimum bench fee of $25 is required for any electronic diagnosis. The fee is waved if work is performed.

Acoustic pickup install-$50-$150:

Expand endpin hole to fit quarter inch endpin jack, wire pickup to pre-amp & jack, drill saddle slot for “under the saddle” pickups, fit and resize old saddle for proper action and contact with pickup. May require new saddle and re-rout of saddle slot (additional). There are other variable relating to pre-amps which must be individually quoted. Condition of bridge and neck angle may be factors in the appropriateness of an under the saddle pickup.

*Service requires Deluxe setup-$50

Electric guitar pickup swap-$40 (1 pickup), $55 (2 pickups), $70 (3 pickups).

Replace output jack-$25 + jack

Replace pot(s)-$25 + pot

Replace switch-$25 + switch

Rewire-$100 + parts

Rout new pocket-$60 + pickup swap

Fit new pickguard-$25 to $40 depending on guitar & guard



Brian McGee came into guitar repair through woodworking school. The Philadelphia native moved to Western North Carolina in 1999 and attended the John C. Campbell Folk School. The Folk School gave him the basic introduction into furniture building, folk instrument building, wood carving, as well as a thorough education in folk music and dance. After The Folk School, he attended Haywood Community College and went through their intensive two-year furniture building program. And from there he attended the Penland School of Crafts as a Core Fellow, where he built his first acoustic guitar with the legendary Wayne Henderson. When his time at Penland was through, he toured the east coast as an Americana singer/songwriter for five years. He eventually found his way to Asbury Park, NJ where he learned the ins and outs of the guitar repair business in a music store, under the watchful eye of luthier, Scott Engel. After four years in Asbury Park, he and his family moved to Chapel Hill, NC. During 2016, he worked at The Luthier’s Workshop for master luthiers Wes Lambe and Ben Maschal, handling repair work and pickups/drop offs at The Music Loft. McGee has moved his repair bench into The Music Loft and is ready to get your instrument playing the way you need it to play. If you have any questions for Brian, please email him at