Here at the Music Loft of Carrboro we have everything you need to make your next event a success. Whether you’re DJing a small private function or playing a show with four other bandmates, we’ve got the gear to make sure you’re covered.

Equipment Rental Pricing

  • Small PA: $65.00
  • Large PA: $85.00
  • Monitor System: $30.00
  • Monitor System + Large PA: $10 off final price per night

Rental Equipment Available

We offer several different sound reinforcement solutions described below.  For pricing, please check the above table.

  • Small PA: Includes up to 6 mics, a 300 watt PA mixer/amp, 2 full range speaker cabinets, and all cables and mic stands.
  • Large PA: Includes up to 8 mics, a 600 watt PA mixer/amp, 2 full range speaker cabinets, and all speaker stands, mic stands and cables.  Please note:  This does not include a snake cable or monitors.
  • Monitor System: Includes 2 wedge monitor cabinets, a power amp and all cables to make it ready to plug into your PA system. If combined with a large PA rental, we deduct $10 per night off of the final price.

The Fine Print:  The Music Loft of Carrboro does not deliver or set up PA equipment. Our systems are popular and are commonly booked at least a month in advance so reserve them early. Pickup on Saturday and return on Monday by 1pm counts as one night. Payment due at pickup. Renters are responsible for lost and broken gear. By treating it like your own you help us to keep the price down!

Send us an email to reserve your PA or with any questions.